Code Club lunchtime workshops for students in Year 1 and 2.

This is a message from the Year 6 Digitech Leaders.

We are the Digitech student leaders and we will be running Code Club workshops this term starting next week. The workshops will run in the library for the first half of lunchtime on Wednesdays starting next week. This term the Code Club workshops are for students in Yeas 1 and 2. Your teacher will hand out two tokens per class each Wednesday and you will need to line up on the library bridge at the start of lunchtime. You will get the chance to learn coding using Scratch junior on the iPads and you will also get the chance to program our schools new blue-bots. Blue Bots are like bee-bots but they are blue when they light up and you can see the inside mechanics of the device. Our school got these new programmable blue-bots from the earn and learn tokens that you collected. We look forward to seeing lots of Year 1 and 2 students at our Code Club workshops.

Year 5 Avatars

Year 5 Avatars
Creating avatars opens the door to discussions and activities about the importance of protecting students’ identities when online while providing them with opportunities for sharing their personal voice through creative expression. I hope that every time students switch to their online identities, they are reminded to think about Internet safety. We are also learning about never giving our last name, phone number, address and other private information online.

5A Avatars

5B Avatars

5C Avatars

5D Avatars

5E Avatars